Olive Grove Consulting

Lewis Horticulture provides consultancy services for Traditional, Intensive and High Density Low Vigour Olive Groves both in Australia and Internationally.

Lewis Horticulture is a world leader in High Density Low Vigour Olive Grove design and management for low vigour olive varieties

Consulting services provided include

  • Project feasibility

  • Project design

  • Project management

  • Project agronomy and grove nutritional management to optimise outcomes for grove establishment, grove development, and grove productivity.

  • Irrigation design and management.

  • Fertigation management

  • Pollination management

  • Fruit management

  • Pruning management

  • Pest and disease control


At all times we strive to provide consultancy to provide answers to your unique situation which add value to your project on a cost effective basis. Consultancy is tailored to your particular situation.

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